The Las Cruces International Film Festival
and Visit Las Cruces Presents

Visit Las Cruces Stories

Winning Entries

Winner entries will be played before each screening during the 2023 Las Cruces International Film Festival in addition to prizes:

2nd Place

Prize: $500 & LCIFF 2023 VIP Tickets

1st Place

Prize: $1,000 & LCIFF 2023 VIP Tickets

3rd Place

Prize: $250 & LCIFF 2023 VIP Tickets

Final Submission

Films will be submitted through FilmFrewway -
*submission is FREE

Submission Criteria

  • Must showcase community with an emphasis on tourism featuring our city and/or the people that live in the city.
  • Drone footage is encouraged but not required. (Follows FAA rules and regulations.) 
  • Must include a b-roll of scenic Las Cruces: i.e. landscape, cityscape, local flair.
  • Important to somehow specify is in Las Cruces, New Mexico for viewers outside the area
  • Focus on one topic or theme, not montage: i.e. outdoor recreation, single business owner, food, culture, history, event, prominent community figure, etc.
  • Single topic or theme encouraged, rather than montage, but not required.
  • Length 3-5 minutes. Must include a 30-second teaser.
  • The emphasis is that video MAY be used for commercial purposes outside of the contest and LCIFF.

Dimensions & Specs

  • 1920 x 1080 
  • H.264 
  • Audio must be royalty free or original (please submit your music licensing and or permission to the following form)
  • Please make sure to have anyone highlighted in your video or a member of the public that is primarily seen In the video fill out a waiver  and email it to