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Las Cruces International Film Festival (LCIFF) Press Info Memo of Understanding (Press Pass)

The Las Cruces International Film Festival (LCIFF) is a public event, presented by New Mexico State University. Programs, workshops, films, lectures, and events held from April 12-16, 2023 are presented for LCIFF public ticket holders, invited sponsors, Filmmakers, VIP Pass holders and guests for the entertainment and education of attendees. It is the LCIFF’s desire to promote and safe and secure environment for the enjoyment of its guests. Please note: The LCIFF reserves the right to deny or terminate any press privileges to any individual at any time prior to or during the entirety of the LCIFF.  

Press Access 
Interaction with celebrities, presenters and/or other attendees is only permitted after you submit requests to the LCIFF  so that we may help coordinate and provide access to the LCIFF Press Room and those individuals you are inquiring about, when/where appropriate. Journalists agree to and must wear their professional press credentials and the LCIFF Press Pass, issued only upon agreeing to this Memo of Understanding. The LCIFF requires that all individuals requesting access must submit their company name, individual name, contact email, contact mobile in addition to their company publisher or director’s name, contact email and contact mobile, prior to a Press Pass being issued. Please note: Failure to wear professional press credentials and LCIFF Press Pass is grounds for removal from the event by film festival staff and/or security.

Code of Conduct
The LCIFF requests that you comply with reasonable wishes from the persons interviewed to find out beforehand how and where their statements will be published. Show consideration for people not used to being interviewed. Show consideration in taking photographs and in procuring them. Please remember to ask permission from a principle of the film festival (staff member) prior to taking pictures or interviewing any celebrity associated with the LCIFF.

Proper Sourcing:
All content derived from the LCIFF must state the Las Cruces International Film Festival presented by New Mexico State University. In addition, please correctly cite the speaker and/or company presenting the information.

LCIFF board members are to be listed with LCIFF affiliation and professional affiliation second – for example:

  • Executive Director, Ross Marks, M.F.A, NMSU College Assistant Professor
  • LCIFF Executive Director, Ross Marks, M.F.A, NMSU College Assistant Professor

Handout materials, if available, are prepared and submitted at individual workshops for distribution by presenters who are solely responsible for its content.

Audio and Audiovisual Policy
Audio and video recordings of the LCIFF may not be sold or used for the purpose of providing continuing marketing education without prior written consent from the LCIFF. Permission for photography or video interviews of individual presenters must be secured from the LCIFF Creative Team. Media that repurpose or have repurposed LCIFF content in a stand-alone medium either for revenue or without charge, unless by agreement with the LCIFF, are ineligible to receive press credentials. Press that produce or have produced content in a standalone medium that uses the LCIFF name or logo to imply endorsement, without LCIFF’s expressed permission, are ineligible to receive credentials.