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The Black Mambas

20180 h 13 min

Formed by a group of local, black women from communities surrounding the Kruger National Park, The Black Mambas is South Africa's first and only all-female, anti-poaching unit, the first line of defense in an attempt to rescue their country's threatened rhino population from the edge of extinction. They are the eyes and ears on the ground, patrolling over 150 square miles of dangerous bush, and monitoring its borders. With military training, yet unarmed, these women have reduced rhino poaching significantly in their area, but know they may have only won a small, short-term battle in a much larger war. Their mission now is to take their work well beyond the reserve, to the schools and communities across South Africa, to empower and employ other women, educate children and bring upliftment to underprivileged communities. Only then will they bring about lasting and sustainable change to their country.

Title The Black Mambas
Director Bruce Donnelly
Production DKR Films
Runtime 0 h 13 min
IMDb Id tt8430900
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Starring: The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit