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0 h 15 min

Marta, Rebecca and Simone, three college mates, decide to spend a night at Marta’s house, in the country, away from the city. A streak of jealousy and attraction for Simone is noticeable between the two girls. After dinner the guys take their seats in the living room and Marta starts telling the story of the old house. The ex-tenant, an old woman who lived with lots of cats, died of mysterious causes; rumours said she made people the evil eye. Her corpse was found tortured and scarified by her own pets. At this point Marta suggests to play a game to get in touch with the old woman and to find the causes of her death, a dangerous game named Musicomancy; it soon becomes clear it was Marta who had arranged it on purpose to kill the two friends...

Title Musicomancy
Director Mauro Loverre
Runtime 0 h 15 min
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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Starring: Alice Piano, Rocco Marazzita, Carola Cudemo