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The Last Doll Lady

0 h 21 min

In the 1950s a program called Dolls for Democracy was started. Women are known as "doll ladies" would travel to local schools and teach children, through the use of hand-carved wooden character dolls, about why racism and intolerance are wrong. Over the decades the program has faded into obscurity, but one woman has made it her life's mission to reignite a nation's passion for the programs hopeful message. Selma Bukstein was one of the original doll ladies, now 60 years later and at the age of 91, she's the last doll lady. The Last Doll Lady follows Selma's efforts to revitalize the program and pass on its legacy to a new generation. Tagline: A free educational program ignited a 60-year passion for her. At 91, she's hoping to pass on its legacy to a younger generation before it's too late

Title The Last Doll Lady
Director Taryn Hough
Runtime 0 h 21 min
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Starring: Selma Bukstein