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Hummingbird & Crane

0 h 13 min

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the first event of the 54th World Series of Youth Birding, Bird Call Replication, takes place. Underdog Dorrie Davis plans to dethrone reigning champion Heidi Hammerstein. Humiliated in the first round, Davis considers quitting but is reignited by her teammate and best friend, Olivia, to get back in there and prove all the naysayers wrong. Davis comes back and squawks her way to victory leaving Hammerstein set on revenge in the next event.

Title Hummingbird & Crane
Director Veronica Rodriguez
Runtime 0 h 13 min
IMDb Id tt5039890
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Movie Rating Not rated
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Starring: Pam Covington, Sarah Navratil, Miles Wartes, Lauren Myers, Colleen McClure