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Forbidden Cuba

1 h 21 min

The first American feature made in Cuba since the revolution of 1959. Part 'Local Hero' and 'Hearts of Darkness,' it's a cautionary tale about capitalism and the state of the American soul. STORY: An American businessman travels to Cuba to retrieve an executive gone rogue, and finds his eyes opened to the beauty and vibrant culture of Cuba, challenging his corporate directives, his identity and everything he has known. As filmmakers, we've aimed to bridge the people of Cuba and the U.S., sparking discussion about how our two nations can create a new, just and sustainable relationship for the future. No permits, no Plan B. Defying rules, reason, and naysayers, “Forbidden Cuba” was covertly shot, guerilla-style, across Cuba over the course of three intense weeks - just before Obama announced a historic shift in America's belligerent relationship with its longtime Cold War enemy. Combining narrative and documentary filmmaking, our small team of five set out to reveal a timely, vibrant truth about today’s Cuba.

Title Forbidden Cuba
Director Art Jones
Runtime 1 h 21 min
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Starring: Idalmis Garcia, Bernardo Cubria, Matthew Gordon, Art Jones, Craig Smith, Joe Menino, Rafael Garcia