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1 h 36 min

Adam is a brilliant genetics professor at Andover University. His wife Dawn is a beautiful, talented artist who he loves more than life itself. After she dies in a fire, Adam clones her from a strand of hair that had remained on an old brush. But the woman he created isn’t the same as the woman he married. So he tries again, but since genetics is just a part of who we are, Adam enlists the help of his adorable lab assistant Emma, to help recreate Dawn’s seminal life events, all the while being targeted by Shamus, an insurance investigator who is convinced that Dawn’s death was staged for the money. Adam is desperate to get his wife back exactly the way she was, but there very little strands of hair on the brush, and with each attempt his chances of getting her back grow further away.

Title Andover
Director Scott Perlman
Production Endcuts
Runtime 1 h 36 min
IMDb Id tt5605076
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated