Ed Stone

Ed Stone

Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Writing

Ed graduated from New Mexico State University (just barely) and moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream of playing professional sports. Ed was not only small, he was slow, so he soon turned his efforts to working in the talking pictures. Here Ed was met with immediate success… as a dog-walker, waiter, bartender, Court Reporters school instructor, Universal Studios Tour Guide, and George Clooney’s body double. After years of writing screenplays that no one would read much less buy, Ed and some friends decided to make their own film. The result was HAPPY, TEXAS, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was acquired by Miramax Films in what was at the time the largest purchase in Sundance history. (Ed was able to quit his waiter job.) What followed is what some historians would call a career… other historians would call it a run of just stupid, blind, luck, and many historians have simply refused to call Ed at all. 

Some of Ed’s screenplays include—LITTLE GREEN MEN for Stephen Spielberg, GUAM GOES TO THE MOON for Paramount, HALF A HUNDRED, for Intermedia, FUR FLIES, DISENCHANTED FOREST, BIG FAT ALIEN MUSICAL, all for Sony, LEARNING ITALIAN (Kevin Reynolds attached to Direct) for Universal, SON OF A B!%#H, for Sean Hays, HOLIDAY HAUNTING for Lifetime, and a handful of other scribbles including two television pilot scripts that sadly did not grow up to be television shows. (Truth be told Ed is only sad about one)

Ed has rewritten or added material to – STUART LITTLE, STUART LITTLE 2, SCOOBY DOO, SCOOBY DOO 2, HAUNTED MANSION, THE LOONEY TOONS MOVIE, RACING STRIPES, and a comedy porn film a friend made. (Ed has not seen this film but please don’t tell his friend.)

GRIFFIN & PHOENIX which Ed also Directed and Produced was well received by the 10’s of people who saw it. (Go ahead, Google and read the viewer comments.) It was however, ignored by the other 99% of Earth’s population and Ed briefly thought about asking for his waiter job back. 

Ed’s animated script BLAZING SAMURAI, is now a finished film starring Michael Cera, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ricky Gervais and will be released by Paramount in July of 2022.